Masha et Michka Review

So yesterday morning, I thought I would try another YouTube clip with Sebastian.
We only watched for 5 mins (it gave me a few mins to drink my coffee in bed ☕️️ and it was hot!). 

It was a Christmas episode, I had been doing some Christmas shopping early the night before so was in the mood. I found that you could clearly trace the 2 characters around. The little girl (Masha) is always causing havoc for the bear 🐻 (Michka). This particular episode ‘3,2,1 Joyeux Noël 🎄 ‘ was very good and Sebby was giggling. 

From searching on google – it would seem that this can be seen in various languages but originally it is a Russian animated television series. They also have all sorts of toys, games and other products linked to the show. 

Would recommend – probably for toddlers 2years plus.