MFL Picture Books

On our recent cruise to France and Spain during half term, I managed to pick up a few books for Sebby. (All in the same series- just different languages) I must admit the little bookshop in Spain (Getxo) was so cute and had a lot of character. Traditional bookshops in my opinion are far better than the bigger well known companies. 

The first book was Spanish and we sat in a coffee shop and we read the book. It is a picture book ‘El Zoo’ and Sebby loved it particularly the butterfly ‘mariposa’. This gave us many a good entertainment during dinners and lunches on the cruise.

When I was in La Rochelle, (France) I was lucky enough to find the same series but bought two in French. ‘ Le Zoo and La Ferme’ 

These books are great – colourful, good vocabulary, different materials, a circle ( which I use to put my hand through or if I can find his hand puppet at the time – it’s Peppa) and hardback. 

The Spanish and French versions can be bought on Amazon and the Spanish one can be bought specifically here

Titiris books
(I am thinking about doing a YouTube review of the books – what do you all think? Leave me some comments)