Facts about me.

9 facts about me:

1. I am half Egyptian – was brought up speaking Arabic from early age. My mum used to speak to us in Arabic and my dad in English.( Through my own research on raising a bilingual child, I have found that experts say it is best to have one person to solely speak that language. So, for example, everything I say to Sebastian should be in French or Arabic so that the association is there from the start.)

2. I lived in North Africa from the age of 7. Did that help with my languages? Yes! French teaching in Morocco 🇲🇦 is very different to in the U.K.

3. I can speak Arabic, French, Spanish (obviously English) and bits of Portuguese and Italian.

4. Lived in La Rochelle for a year and in Paris for 6 months.

5. I have been a Languages teacher for 9 years.

6. My father was a Lecturer in Translation so I guess my Languages ability came from him.😀

7. Being bilingual sometimes means that a certain word will only come to me in a language but not normally the same language that I am conversing in at the time.

8. I love a croissant! (Sorry had to get a foodie bit in here)

9. Culture is the centre of my teaching. Being bilingual has had a big impact on my life.

How has being bilingual impacted your life?

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