Caillou Holiday Movie- Review

So today Sebby and I are full of cold, which meant that I had no desire to venture outside. Instead, I decided to watch ‘Caillou’s Holiday Movie’ with Sebby. I have to say that I found it brilliant. 

Reasons why I liked it:

1. Looks like a story book – in that it is not a modern day animation. Traditional!

2. Suitable for all ages – well probably to the age of 10/11 max.

3. Multicultural- talks about how Christmas is celebrated around the world. Multiculturalism! As a Languages Teacher- this fills me with so much joy! 

4. Stepping outside one’s own cultural bubble.

5. Understanding of where Santa’s 🎅 name came from and his different names around the wonderful. 

Overall, a very informative cartoon/film. Not only did my teacher side love it but as a parent who wants their child to understand the world we live in.