Book Advent 2016

So I decided that I would do a book advent this year for Sebastian. He is only 10 months old, so it will help create a bit of a tradition for years to come. Chocolate 🍫- was not an option for him as he is far too young despite us as adults wanting to eat his! Hehe 😂!

I have bought some Christmas books specifically for him but also he has been given a fair few from grandma which were used for his nephews. Some of these books even belonged to his dad ( my husband).  I shall also be taking a few trips to the library to see what we can find- this in itself is a bit of a thing Sebby and I do on Monday (which is my day off).

To start off: (I’ll update this as I go along or do a separate blog for a list of everyday!)

Dec 1- Mogs first Christmas – Judith Kerr

Day 2 – Thomas and the missing Christmas Tree – Christopher Awdry

Day 3- All Safe in the Stable – Mig Holder

Day 4- That’s not my Snowman

Day 5 – Dear Santa

Day 6- The Christmas Bear

Day 7 – Peppa’s Christmas

Day 8 – Spots first Christmas 

Day 9- Mog on Fox Night (it has snow in it so thought it would pass as Christmassy!)

Day 10- Ho-Ho Hopeless Santa

Day 11 – The Snow Tree Caroline Repchuk

Day 12 – The Christmas Book – Dick Bruna

Day 13 – Mr Men Christmas 

Day 14 – The 12 Days of Christmas- Brian Wildsmith

Day 15 – The Smelly Sprout Allen Plenderleith

Day 16- A Christmas Story – Brian Wildsmith

Day 17 – Pip and Posy – The Snowy Day

Day 18- Lucy and Tom’s Christmas – Shirley Hughes 

Day 19 – Santas busy night – board book – Igloo Books

Day 20- That’s not my elf 

Day 21- How many sleeps till Christmas – Mark Sperring and Sébastien Braun 

Day 22- The Snowman 

Day 23 – The Polar Express

Day 24- The Night before Christmas – Clément C Moore
What quirky / family traditions do you have for advent? 

Happy Décembre lovely people! 

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