January Book Review

 Mes premieres comptines d’animaux – Grund

Now this book was purchased by my sister (who lives in Paris) for Sebastian at Christmas. It has been such a favourite/ go to book this month. 

Every page has a button/ circle that you have to press and then a song is sung. The lyrics to the song are on the left part of the page and the right has a picture. Colours are vivid and the drawings are cartoon like. Sebby loves the songs especially the ‘Petit Escargot’ and Madame Hipopotame’. Very simple songs and access some simple vocabulary. 

Age range can really vary for this one but I would say to about 4/5 years. 

Here is an example page. 

The Second book – My first French Word Book – Usborne 

Very lovely pictures and helps for children to point at. Sebastian has loved reading/ looking at this. It was a birthday book from his grandparents. 

There are many topics in this book. 

-Mon corps / Mes vêtements/ A la maison / La famille et les amis / Les couleurs / Les nombres / Au lit /En avant /A la ferme / Je peux 

I would recommend this book for any toddler or small child.