So, I have now used these fantastic games with 2 different classes in Year 10 in both French and Spanish. Absolutely fantastic and really gets my pupils talking and engaged in creating sentences and translation. The competitive element is very helpful for boosting encouragement, particularly for boys. Due to the number of pupils, they have had to work in pairs/trios. 

The games that I have used are in French and Spanish (but I believe that there are other Languages – Italian). 

Instructions are easy to follow and it is pretty much fool proof. Pupils are able to understand what to do – mainly just by following the areas on the cards. 

There are 4 decks provided but I have been advised that you can also purchase blanks to make your own. (My pupils really liked the idea of creating their own perhaps on Holidays and School.)

A very useful resource for Language Learners for all ages. Helps with understanding adjectives placements, verb construction, connectives, time phrases etc.
Happy KLOOing!