Me Time

After having read a blog post by Janine's Little World, I thought that I would follow suit and write one for myself. I am finding that it is not often that I do make time for this, so it is the little things that count.

A. Lying in bed with a cup of hot coffee while my DH reads LB a story.

B. A hot bath during nap time. On the rare occasion that this does happen I LOVE IT. I tend to find that nap time gets filled by doing chores.

C. Watching TV in the evening once LB has gone to sleep. Currently watching Homeland with DH and a couple of series on Netflix. ( Ozark is very good.)

D. Baking – I enjoy (when I get time) making muffins/cup cakes. Recently, however, it has mainly been finding recipes and not actually doing anything with them. Anyone else find this to be the case?

E. Going back and forth to work – a good 20 mins each way which always wind down time and time for reflection.

Am currently on Summer hols though.

F. Reading my subscription magazine – Mollie Makes. Has a lot of ideas for crafty things to do. This was a gift from my sister.

G. Walking to the shop – even if it is just to get a loaf/pint of milk.

H. Browsing my local charity shops -I enjoy this even with LB in stroller.

I. The occasional lunch with DH (without LB).

What are your favourite 'me' time things?