Lil’ollo dual language flash card review

I was sent these flash cards by #lilollo

1. Packaging is fantastic – the little material bags are ideal for carrying them around in my handbag. (Say if I was out for a coffee with friends and needed some instant entertainment).

2. Bright and colourful pictures of the animals- very different form of picture also (unlike the traditional animal pictures that you would find for children).

3. Multi use cards – can be used for snap/ animal sounds/ numbers/ animal names/ colours.

4. Suitable for many different ages. My son is nearly 2 and he loves them. My nephew,who is 4, and niece,who is 7,also played with them. I used the number set of cards to do times tables- We did them in French as they live in France.

Would thoroughly recommend these card sets. Fun for all ages and interests.